Guilty Verdict in Moosic Animal Cruelty Case!!
WE WON !!!!!!!

John Tanis of Moosic, PA was found guilty and charged with 5 counts of Animal Cruelty TODAY in Lackawanna County Court. Tracey's Hope Animal Rights Team would like to thank the officers of the Moosic Police Department (Especially Officers James Decker and Thomas Jenkins) for working so closely with us on getting this man convicted. They were wonderful and many times during these past two years went above and beyond their call of duty in this case. Special thanks to ADA Michael Ossont and ADA Robert Klein for their efforts put forth to win this case. And to Michelle Olsehefski, federal prosecutor and FBI Special Agent Larry Whitehead for coming to the aid of these dogs initially. And thank you Judge Vito Geroulo for allowing us to prove to you that not all animal rights actvists are unreasonable and unlawful. We all worked together for the sake of "justice" ... GOD Bless you all! We love you All!!

The Animal Rights Team for Tracey's Hope, Inc. and our CEO, Denise DeNunzio Kumor

February 18, 2015

MOOSIC — John Tanis was sentenced Wednesday in Lackawanna County to one to two years in prison on animal cruelty charges. Tanis was convicted in December of 2014 on five animal cruelty charges. Tanis has been in jail since April for violating the terms of his bail. During sentencing, Tanis spoke for 40 minutes asserting his innocence. The judge said this case was just the latest in Tanis’ “decades-long defiance of the law.” In addition to prison time, he was ordered to forfeit his dogs that have been in the care of an animal rights group since last year. Tanis has previous convictions on animal cruelty and weapons charges.