As you check out how great the the dogs below are doing now, please pause and give thanks to all our amazing foster parents.  They are unsung heroes & without them “Tracey’s Hope” would be lost…you bridge the gap between what was & what can be for these beautiful animals.  Thank you and BLESS you all!


As a puppy, Zoe came to us afraid of EVERYTHING and almost EVERYONE. But after months of love, attention, and some great puppy training, she became an affectionate, fun-loving member of our family! She loves to play fetch, throwing the ball back to us each time to be close by when it gets tossed again. She is very charismatic, making friends with every dog she encounters! And she gets plenty of opportunities at all the pet-friendly stores we can find in the valley. She comes to work with us each day, loves long hikes and swimming in our pond. She's even made some non-doggy friends: watching the birds at our feeder and her cat "sister", Lily- her personal masseuse!