Our Hospice Program "Tracey's Hope" Hospice Care Program was born on April 1, 2004, the day I lost my precious canine companion and my soul mate, "TRACEY" She died in my arms in the home she grew up in. The home that she loved and played in. Tracey had kidney failure and didn't deserve to die in a cold veterinary hospital. She was too good for that-Denise Kumor

Since then "Tracey's" Hospice Care Program has grown~

We have added services such as:
* Pet Loss Support Services
* Euthanization performed in the home of the pet owner.
* Grief Counseling
* Animal Rescue for the Elderly and Terminally ill Pets
* Reunite lost pets with their owners
* Animal Rights

Contact us for help with your pet:
(570) 457-1625


I would like to thanks Marty Kumor and Denise DeNunzio Kumor from the bottom of our hearts.
What you guys do is amazing. This is still fresh and taking some used to but thank you from our family
Kathy Mulcahy

My Marshall

I would like to tell you how we became a member of this Tracey’s Hope Hospice Care and Pet Rescue.
We had a black lab named Marshall. He was the sweetest, smartest dog we had ever owned. The one thing Marshall hated was going to the vet. The last time we had brought him to the vet for a routine set of shots he collapsed because of stress. After that, his health deteriorated and we knew that it was only a matter of time before we might have to put him down. The whole thought of bringing him to the vet & having that as his last memory devastated me. My beautiful faithful pet deserved so much more.

I searched and found Tracey’s Hope Hospice Care (they are the only animal hospice in our area) they understood that we didn’t want to take Marshall to the vet to be put to sleep when the time came, and especially, how we did not want that to be Marshall’s last memory.

The Tracey’s Hope volunteers came to visit and play with Marshall often in those last few weeks as we contemplated the worst decision we would ever have to make.  They were readily available to answer any calls or questions that we might have.

When the time came, they set it up with the vet’s office to have one of the veterinarians come to our house to help with the process of putting Marshall to sleep. The Tracey’s Hope Volunteers came over early and brought Marshall his last meal & we spent the last few hours enjoying his company. Then the vet came to my house, and as he lay in his favorite spot with his head on my knee, he passed peacefully on to the rainbow bridge.

We chose to have him cremated and the Tracey’s Hope Volunteers waited until we were finished saying goodbye and took him to be cremated. I had owned dogs my whole life but this is the first one that I had to have put to sleep and it was the hardest decision we ever had to make. Tracy’s Hope were caring and supportive thru the whole traumatic ordeal. They helped make the most devastating ordeal into a peaceful passing.  

~Sharon Hopkins