Tracey's Hope Hospice Care Program 

& Rescue for Domestic Animals, Inc

About Us

Tracey’s Hope is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving Lackawanna and Luzerne County. Tracey’s Hope’s mission is to counsel pet owners on how to care for, and prepare them for their terminally ill or elderly pets by helping with  managing symptoms and preserving happiness for the pet as long as possible.  Tracey’s Hope also brings euthanasia to the homes of pets when lifesaving treatment is no longer an option. Tracey’s Hope rescues healthy pets on death row and finds them loving homes. Tracey’s Hope Animal Rights Committee advocates for abused and neglected pets by attending court hearings of animal abusers, near and far.

Our Hospice Program "Tracey's Hope" Hospice Care Program was born on April 1, 2004, the day I lost my precious canine companion and my soul mate, "TRACEY" She died in my arms in the home she grew up in. The home that she loved and played in. Tracey had kidney failure and didn't deserve to die in a cold veterinary hospital. She was too good for that! ~ Denise D. Kumor, Executive Director

Since then "Tracey's" Hospice Care Program has grown~

We have added services such as:

* Pet Loss Support Services
* Euthanization performed in the home of the pet owner.
* Grief Counseling
* Animal Rescue for the Elderly and Terminally ill Pets
* Reunite lost pets with their owners
* Animal Rights


Denise D. Kumor, Executive Director